It is undoubtedly not surprising that blue cruise enthusiasts who want to swim in different waters find themselves in the blue waters of the Greek islands.

Rhodes Island, which is the most sun-drenched island of Greece and has a long history, of course bears traces of the Ottoman Empire. Rhodes Island, where Turks still live as a minority group and which is the symbol of neighbourhood, sharing and togetherness, will be a pleasant stopover in your Greek islands adventure with the opportunity to walk along the Road of Knights, to see Lindos with white sailors’ houses from the 17th century, to walk along streets made of black and white pebbles which look like a natural museum.

Another one of the most important islands of Greece is Crete with people with whom we have shared many things for many years and have lived with the dream of a common historical memory and future. Would not you like to be filled with green and peaceful oxygen in Europe's largest palm forest in Crete, which has a special place in the world with its magnificent canyons, crystal clear Mediterranean waters and thousands of years of history?

Kos Island, where different cultures live together harmoniously, is a special stopover offering traces of paradise with its green nature, lovely shops full of blue beads, healing power of Thermes, where thermal waters flow to the sea, and Paradise Beach, famous for its white sand.


         Leros which has not lost its unique texture by preserving the traditional structure,

         Lipsi where everyone falls into a peaceful sleep at siesta time,

         Santorini which attracts attention with its cliffs greeting you like a statue,

         Mykonos where you will enjoy the extraordinary entertainment and you free live,

         Symi Island which is famous for its pastel coloured houses on the steep rock terraces,

         Klimnos where a typical island life is maintained and where you will seek after your inner world and may be, some sponge,

         Samos with a culture of wisdom where the most important philosophers of ancient Greece lived,

         Chios Island where common tastes are cheerfully shared are just a few of the islands that will add excitement to your Greek Islands blue tour adventure.


If you are a blue cruise enthusiast swelling with the excitement of exploring, if you want to enjoy meeting people while lying on different beaches under the light of the same sun, who share the same feelings with us even if we do not speak the same language, and if you are excited to enrich your own world with a nature creating wonders and a history accumulated like a silt deposit, come, let us breathe the Rumelian air and play Sirtaki together.