Blue cruise is an adventure that ensures that you will re-create your inner world by opening up to completely different worlds. Göcek with its tropical islands, deep blue waters of the Mediterranean hidden in a sheltered and wide bay, and the quiet and peaceful view is a distinctive place for those who sail the blue cruise to explore.

Göcek, which is the place to re-start life, is a gift from God where you can abandon yourself in the peaceful arms of nature, so to speak.

You can enjoy staying in bungalows in the Göcek Marina, just 5 minutes away from this lovely resort town, and you can experience every tone of blue and unique natural beauties with the Dodecanese Islands Tour.

There is nothing to remind you of the city and noise on the Yassıca Islands, a group of islands of various sizes that will amaze you with the natural ponds formed in the sea.

There is an olive pressing workshop from the Ottoman era on Zeytinli Island, which is covered with olive trees. You can explore the ruins of the Greek settlement on Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), one of the most popular stopovers of blue cruise gulets.

Bedri Rahmi Bay, named after the fish depicted on a rock by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, is one of the most charming blue wonders of Göcek. The spectacular scenery which is formed by the green texture behind the bay and the sea turning from blue into turquoise colour literally makes Bedri Rahmi Bay a living painting.

You can enjoy staying alone with your loved ones in Yavansu Bay, where every breath you take will fill you with peace and which is the home of exquisite underwater views that you can see nowhere else.

Hamam Bay is another unique bay of Göcek that is embroidered like lace and where you can come across Byzantine ruins and embellish your blue cruise journey by taking short walks in the surrounding forest.

There can be no more surprising beauty than Kille Cove for the adventurous on the Göcek blue cruise. The church that you will explore behind the beach when you reach the shore, where you will have an amazing and spectacular view, is proof that history is with you every moment.

You can explore small, but life-colouring details and nature and learn to look at life and yourself from completely different perspectives in Göcek, where you can see history in every part and peace in every drop with bays that are each unique and of captivating beauty.