FIve Reasons Why CharterIng a Luxury Yacht In Turkey Is the Ideal HolIday ChoIce

Turkey offers coastal waters ranking among the cleanest in the world, heavenly pristine bays, a rich undersea heritage, and a food culture which creates some truly delicious seafood dishes. Turkey is without question a unique gem of a country. Each year, a wide variety of international visitors, and Turkish holidaymakers coming to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts from all over the country, try new ways of experiencing its beautiful assets. No experience, however, can match that of renting a boat and setting off on a blue cruise to enjoy all these attractions while afloat. And why is that? Because:

 No Other Vacation Can Offer So Much Freedom

All other alternatives inevitably mean having to communicate with a certain community, and you cannot bend the rules; whereas a yacht charter enables you to plan your holiday exactly as you wish. You choose your route, sleep in if you like without having to worry about missing breakfast, dive in the boundless blue depths, watch spellbinding orange and gold sunsets, and generally feel as free as a bird – or Pegasus – on the wing.

 Swimming in the Purest Waters

Aboard your luxurious yacht, you can discover unspoilt bays and swim in the crystal clear, still vital sea, enjoying them without any of the problems encountered on shared beaches.

 Cruise into the Heart of Nature

On a private yacht cruise, you can explore uninhabited islands with unique varieties of mushrooms and other plants. Who knows – perhaps even discover a new species and have it named after you!

 Nobody Can Bother You Out at Sea

The rest of the year there are always other people to contend with; we spend our lives meeting demands or trying to express our own to others. Why should you have to engage in yet more obligatory communication during your break?

 Affordable Cruising

Thinking that chartering a gulet for a marvellous blue cruise is bound to be out of their price range, many do not even consider this alternative. However, this is a completely false impression. Although providing the same level of comfort as many five-star holiday villages, these cruises are much more affordable than a holiday in such a place.