Useful Informations

Blue voyage is to sail to the land of blue dreams, taking you away from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life, where you will explore different lives and places and have a completely different perspective on life.

A number of issues, such as construction, charter of the boats which will carry you to this dreamland, completion of your voyage without any problems, are very important for the companies building, chartering and selling these yachts.

Yacht building companies of course differ in terms of experience, customer satisfaction and quality standards of the boats they have built. Cobra Yacht delivers its customers a blue cruise pleasure, comfort and luxury of the highest level with the yachts built by Cobra Yacht in accordance with the standards of Lloyd, RINA & MCA in their own Cobra Yacht Shipyard, established in 2003.

So what are the types of these boats? For those going on a blue voyage, knowing the type of boat with which they will be sailing to their dreams will ensure that their expectations are met in the best way.

Types of boats can be listed as gulets, sailing boats, motor yachts, catamarans, trawlers and lobsters. Gulets, motor yachts and sailing boats are the types most preferred by blue cruise enthusiasts among the options of boat chartering or boats for sale.

The boat types that are preferred the most for blue cruise adventures can be summarized as follows: gulet-type boats as traditional wooden boats, motor yachts, sailing boats that sail the seas with the help of the wind, double-hull catamarans, trawler-type boats which combine the speed of motor yachts and the reliability of sailing boats, lobster-type boats which combine speed and large deck spaces.

One of the most important points to take into account when chartering a boat is to check the boat's capacity, technical, equipment and design features and to make a selection based on these features in accordance with the expectations of those who are dreaming of the blue voyage. The available budget and desired performance should be assessed in accordance with the choices that travellers make taking into account these features.

It is also important to know which materials are used to build the boats, since they add different features to boats. Wood, aluminium, plate and fibre-glass are the materials which are most widely used in the construction of yachts.

Yacht maintenance and repair works, listed under the headings of paintwork, technical and mechanical in general, are the processes that must be carried out professionally just as with the construction of boats.