Gulets, which are the most preferred boat type when it comes to blue cruises, are motor and sailing boats that are all built of wood.

Gulets, which are the most preferred boats of blue dreams, were first built for fishermen and sponge divers to sail through blue waters and to carry their catch, and they have taken their unique place among blue cruise boats over time.

Gulets that are built in traditional shipyards by a small number of masters in Bodrum and Güllük in our day attract the attention of blue cruise enthusiasts worldwide because they are durable, comfortable and aesthetic. Despite the fact that the classic Bodrum gulets are made of wood, it is also possible to see purpose-built steel gulets lately.

Although gulets vary in terms of size and capacity, the features in a gulet are generally the same. A gulet has a dining table and sunbathing and resting area in the stern section with a saloon, bar and kitchen and a deck for sunbathing in the foredeck.

The gulets on our seas are divided into three classes:


        Cruiser stern: The gulet type which offers the largest sunbathing area and sails the sea quickly and safely. For those who want to enjoy the sun to the full...

        Transom stern: The gulet type which offers the largest cabins with its sharp edge design and raised stern section. For those who do not want to compromise on their comfort...

        Tirhandil: The gulet type which is the best known, smaller and traditional. For those who want to sail and anchor in small harbours and explore unknown places...

You can easily go exploring unexplored coves and blue seas with gulets that host unique experiences because they are

comfortable to live in, enjoyable to sail, and meet all your needs. Remember that the gulet gliding on the sea to carry you to your

dreams awaits you in the harbour right now.