Misafirlerimizin kıymetleri yorumları ..

Dear Mr. Huseyin Kirkan, 

Sorry for my delayed answer. I come back to Switzerland only today. 

I would like to thank you for a very good organization of our stay aboard of Cobra King. Indeed we've lived a fantastic week of relaxing holidays. We've visited places with nice nature and beautiful sea, which was exactly a purpose of our cruise on board of your ship. All our requests were perfectly satisfied, we needed or missed nothing while the entire stay. You have managed to well understand our needs and requests in a sense of itinerary and supply during the week of cruise. I find amounts we've spent in all to be correct and respectful. 

I would like to send special thanks to the team of Cobra king who was around at every moment of our presence on the yacht. 

I must emphasis efficiency and professionalism of each member of crew, being on a technical side of our voyage or our service . The crew people are fast, responsive, positive, friendly and very useful. At the same time they manage to be discrete and polite. Believe me , those qualities are very rare to be found in today's service. 

The Captain manages his team with a high professionalism and without any visible stress. We've felt ourselves secure, relaxed and surrounded by great care and attention. I appreciated a lot a friendly attitude and special attention paid to our smaller kids. 

One of the strongest emotions we had during the week on Cobra King - is a culinary emotion. The Chief of the boat is more than professional person, he is an artist. He is the best ambassador of Turkish food vis a vis international guests.  We've never eaten before that much and with that great pleasure as we've done while staying aboard. 

We' ll be pleased to meet you and the team of Cobra King again in the nearest future. 

And one more time, thank you a lot for your professional support of our holidays. 

With my best regards