Would you like to close your eyes and fall into a blue dream in Fethiye, which is the apple of the world's eye that was ruled by Lycians, known as the "People of the Land of Light'' and called the ''Faraway Land'' by the Greeks in ancient times?

It is possible to enjoy encounters with the traces of history by visiting the tombs cut into the rocks at Telmessos, the ancient cities of Arsada, Patara and Kadyanda in Fethiye, one of the few resorts to preserve its unique texture not only with its sea, sun and beaches, but also its historical richness.

The name of the fabulous place where you can experience all that you dream of when you think of blue cruise in one place and which is unique in the world is Ölüdeniz. The crystal clear sea in which you can see reflection of birds flying in the sky in the turquoise waters, the sun shining on the white sand, the beach where you can find peace and fun together...

Belcekız Beach, where you can abandon yourself to this spectacular view while parasailing and preserve the moment for eternity by taking pictures, Ovacık which brings the mountain view together with the sea, Hisarönü, the mischievous and playful kid of night-life, Kıdrak Camp, a resting place adorned with pine trees, are some of the major stopovers of the blue cruise that you will be sailing in Fethiye.

It is guaranteed that even you will awake from the dream into which you have fallen after you see the Butterfly Valley, protected as a world heritage site, where you can truly feel nature. You will be a fairy-tale hero who wakes up as a different person.

Kabak Bay, which is a place gifted by God to us where everything from activities to eating and drinking is natural and where you can free yourself from everything, is another unspoilt natural beauty.

Günlüklü Beach, one of the most beautiful places where green and blue come together, is one of the popular destinations for blue cruise gulets and boats because of its clean and healing air.

You can deeply feel the sense of living in a completely different time and meet anyone you want in your dreams when you visit Kayaköy, the only ghost town in Turkey, due to its distinctive and different architecture, mysterious silence and rich cultural history.

Saklıkent, which waits to be explored by you and stands as proof that the existence of worlds other than those we see is possible at all times, one of the most unique places to experience adventure.

You can create a world of your own by floating on the waters of Fethiye in this unique resort that fascinates the whole world. Here is Fethiye, welcome to the dreamland!