Yacht Types

Blue voyage which corresponds to exploring enjoyment, adventure or peace in the seafaring literature and the type of boat you will choose can considered as a means that allows you to touch your dreams.

Before proceeding with boat types, we need to briefly speak of the history of boats, or rather what kind of methods that people who wanted to travel on the water have found and how they have developed these methods to the present day.

People who wanted to sail through waters and explore different places first built rafts by combining tree trucks. Then, they were able to go on long cruises by rafts they had turned into the form of piragua and by ships which had been made using leather skins inflated. Types of fuel used, design of boats and purpose of use also changed and improved over time.

 Now, we can group boats under three general categories in terms of their use:

  • Recreational Crafts: Boats designed to be used for touristic purposes.
  • Speed ​​Boats: Boats that allow sailing at speed on the sea for hobby and recreational purposes.
  • Passenger Boats: Vessels that allow transporting inter-seas passengers

Let us talk about blue cruise boats used today. Blue cruise boats that fall into the category of recreational crafts vary by their capacities and features. The general characteristics of blue cruise boats, categorized by person capacity and budget, can be summarized as follows:

  •  Gulet: The traditional wooden yachts that are the most preferred for blue cruise for their durable and aesthetic structures. While gulets which are categorized in the class of motor sailing boats have been first used by fishermen and sponge divers to carry their catch, they have now become the most popular boats for touristic cruises.

  • Sailboat: Sailboats with the logic of sailing through the vast blue seas before the wind has been first built by the Egyptians in BC 2400 and the material used for the first sail has been papyrus naturally.

  • Motor yacht: Motor yachts which can be defined as large boats that are basically driven by a diesel or gasoline engine are the first choice of those who prioritise comfort due to their cabins that resemble suite rooms and terraces that allow sunbathing.

  • Catamaran: Catamarans of Sri Lanka, Polynesia and Indian origin are the common name of vessels that are built of two interconnected boats.

  • Trawler: Trawler boats which have been first built for fisherman sailing under harsh weather conditions in open seas consume less fuel than motor yachts and are as safe as sailing boats.

  • Lobster: Lobster boats which have been first built in the northern America attract great attention for blue cruise adventures as they allow sailing for a long time and safely. 

We have all types of boats that will fit budget and expectations of everyone who want to go on a blue cruise. You just say that you want to leave yourself to the vast seas for your dreams.