Gökova is the irreplaceable dreamland of blue cruise enthusiasts where the sea and forest are intertwined, where there are water lilies fed from water sources in the sea, and where warm breezes blow from the sea...

The ruins creating the unique texture of Gökova, located on the shores of what was Caria in ancient times, offer visitors a different journey together with the spectacular natural beauty.

The colour that the sands of Sedir Island, the most important stopover of this historical journey, add to the sea is like the symbol of how nature here is embroidered with the sensitivity of an artist. You will have unforgettable memories of a dream that you will have when you visit the ancient amphitheatre, the agora and the ancient harbour dating back to the Hellenistic period, surrounded by the azure waters of Gökova.

The river branch called Kadın Azmağı, which you can reach by gulet and boat, is nothing less than an aquarium into which you will want to throw yourself and turn into a little fish.

Lush trees surrounding Okluk Bay, the pearl of Gökova, the elegance of the mermaid statue that greets you at the entrance and the sea reflecting peace will be one of the most special places where you can realize your blue cruise dreams.

You will feel yourself as a whole with nature like a river flowing and meeting the sea in Löngöz Bay, which is one of the most beautiful places to get away from city life and abandon yourself to nature.

Do not be surprised if you hear that dozens of tuna fish greeting you from the sky are inviting you to Bördübet Bay, hidden among pine trees. The nature in Gökova is in fascinating harmony with the sea, the sun, birds and trees.

Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) is the place of which the Fisherman of Halicarnassus said "the islands here are like hanging in the sky. Here is the centre of Gökova, of the world'' and will undoubtedly be one of the most pleasant places in your blue cruise dream. These seven islands of various sizes, where you will be filled with the smell of amber incense, are in a privileged place with an underwater world as rich as your world.

Lacivert Bay, where schools of fish passing beneath you while you swim are extremely pleased to be with you, is one of the bays where you can fall into the deepest dreams in Gökova.

Diving into the crystal clear waters of Akbük Bay, where those who dream of a quiet and calm blue cruise will be filled with peace, is a delightful way to escape into beauty.

Hopefully you will have the privilege of taking a blue cruise in Gökova, which is the place of harmony, integrity and unique beauty where trees stretch along the sea and all boundaries disappear...