Marmaris, a corner of paradise, is a natural harbour of the Mediterranean where blue and green, the symbol of nature, can be seen not only in one season, but in four seasons and where God bestowed the coast, the sun, the sea and all the views together with all the beauty...

Marmaris Castle, which is right behind the marina, has been turned into Marmaris Museum where archaeological works dating back to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited, offering visitors the opportunity to have a vacation in touch with history at every moment.

A visit to the Iyilik Rocks Archaeological Park offers you traces of many civilizations, in particular archaeological works from the Ottoman era, making you feel that all of history is blowing peace upon your soul.

Making your own trip the ancient city Physkos, which is mentioned in Evliya Çelebi's Travelogue Seyahatname and is a part of heaven in the Turgut Waterfall, which whispers songs of the joy of life in the woods, so to speak, visiting Saklı Göl (the Secret Lake) where exploring hidden beauties will turn into a game, and finding the peace you have been seeking during the blue voyage in Kızkumu, where you can take nature walks away from the crowds and noise, are just a few reasons for you to choose Marmaris.

Besides enjoying the sea and beach in İçmeler, named after the healing water sources in the region, you can also throw yourself into the midst of the fun and entertainment that you dream about.

You can also bloom together with the citrus flowers, oleander flowers, bougainvillea flowers and geraniums adorning the environment at Turunç Beach, which embodies every tone of blue as if painted by a painter, and you can grow your dreams with the sparkling sun.

Lying down at Cleopatra Beach with its golden sands, where you may feel as if you are in a magical fairy tale, diving into crystal clear waters at Cennet Beach with a spectacular view worthy of the name while on a daily sailboat charter and yacht tour, enjoying the sea with fun people at Uzunyalı Beach, which is in the middle, and diving into blue water and your dreams in Abdi Reis Bay - all that is again Marmaris.

Anchoring in the crystal clear waters of Marmaris, a favourite holiday resort on the Aegean coast with its bays that you will be able to explore only by boat or gulet charter, shores adorned with stones, each of which is a unique piece of art, the smell of pine trees pervading the resort, and the association of healing and peace will be the book of memories that you will not forget all your life. Write lyrical poems or the formula of freedom and fun that you have explored in this book.