Marmaris Blue Cruise

With its coves one more beautiful than the other along the long coastline, ancient cities that have preserved their historical texture, Mediterranean climate allowing you to enjoy the sea both in summer and in winter, facilities where people of all ages can have a great time, Marmaris is a world-renowned tourist resort.

Marmaris is a corner of paradise where you can see blue embracing green and never parting throughout the twelve months of year. The high pine trees surrounding the resort and sweetgum vegetation that is a natural beauty unique to the province of Muğla make Marmaris green in summer and winter. You can find peace, dazzling nature beauties, fun and happiness in Marmaris, where you can swim even in winter thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate.

Following a welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew who will carry you to your blue cruise dreams and receive information about your blue cruise, you can start sailing to the blue cruise routes of Marmaris.


1) Marmaris – Fethiye – Göcek - Marmaris / 7 Nights


Marmaris is a distinct place for blue cruise lovers with its marina with a capacity for 800 boats. It is a natural harbour in the province of Muğla and offers water sports facilities that you will enjoy to the full on the blue waters. It is time to weigh anchor to new dreams from Marmaris, the city of blue dreams with its ancient sites, magnificent coves and lush green vegetation...

Ekincik Gulf - Dalyan

You can fall into most peaceful blue dreams in the gulf of Ekincik with its unspoilt pebble beach, a coastal path where you can take pleasant walks and quiet natural beauty.

The amazing place where you can free yourself from stress in luxury and relax in thermal springs dating back to the Roman period is Dalyan.

Adalı Bay - Manastır Bay - Tersane Island

After visiting Adalı Bay, which is of a beauty as fantastic as in cartoons, you can explore Manastır Bay, where you can see the ruins of an ancient bath and where you will be fascinated by the tectonic and unique landscape created by a crater lake.

You will experience a completely different sea pleasure on Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), the largest island of the gulf of Fethiye, where you can see the ruins of about a hundred ancient houses which that be seen from the land and the sea.

Kızıl Ada (Red Island) - Fethiye

 Kızıl Ada (Red Island), where the sun sets creating a red-hot view over the entire island, is one of the most romantic blue cruise stopovers.

Fethiye, a natural harbour in the western Mediterranean, is another blue dreamland with the ruins of ancient Lycian towns, the bay of Ölüdeniz, world-famous for its turquoise colour that you cannot see anywhere else in the world, and the amazing beaches where you can enjoy swimming to the full.

Göcek - Yassıca Island

With its scenery fit for postcards created by a lot of large and small boats mooring in the marina, Göcek is a peaceful, lovely and pristine wonder of nature.

The place where you can enjoy the sea peacefully with your family in the sheltered bays and shallow waters is Yassıca Island.

Bedri Rahmi Bay - Domuz Adası (Pig Island) – Ağa Harbour

The lily flowers and turquoise waters of Bedri Rahmi Bay and the fish painted on a rock by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, welcome you to a fantastic world.

You can dive into the blue waters to explore underwater ruins on Domuz Adası (Pig Island).

Swimming, fishing and taking long walks on the beach...  the blue address for all of this is Ağa Harbour.

Kumlubük - Cennet Island

You can visit the Acropolis, the altar of Dionysus and the temple in Kumlubük, where you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Amos. Do not forget to eat delicious foods in restaurants combined with cushioned cabins on the bay and spend enjoyable moments diving into crystal clear waters.

Cennet Island, where you can swim in pristine waters and which you can reach across Yalancı Strait on a hike accompanied by a fascinating view, is truly a tiny piece of paradise.


Welcome to  Marmaris where the green and the blue comes together and your blue voyage began! Wishing to be together again in a completely different blue dream of yours...

2) Marmaris – Fethiye – Ölüdeniz - Marmaris / 7 Nights


You can prepare to say hello to completely different beauties by leaving the ancient cities, mild climate and pristine waters of Marmaris, which is one of the favourite tourist resorts of the Mediterranean with its coves one more magnificent than the other on the long coastline. You can ask anything you want to know about the blue cruise at the welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew. Have a great blue voyage...

Ekincik Gulf - Dalyan

Enjoy every minute that you will spend away from stress and in peace in the gulf of Ekincik with a quiet, calm beach and unspoilt natural wonder.

Dalyan is the address for healing and peace with its quite blue, spectacular scenery and spas dating back to the Roman period.

Adalı Bay - Manastır Bay - Tersane Island

The sea, the sun and the blue landscape - you can realize all your dreams in Adalı Bay.

You can explore the beauty of nature in Manastır Bay, where the ruins of an ancient bath said to have been built by Cleopatra are found, which is why it is also referred to as “Cleopatra's Bath” or “Sunken Bath Bay”.

Tersane Island, the largest island in the gulf of Fethiye, is one of the most beautiful blue stopovers with its sheltered coves for those who want to enjoy swimming quietly in the sea.

Kızıl Ada (Red Island) - Fethiye

The glow covering the entire island at sunset will inspire you. The lighthouse located in the south of the island and the diving point in the north are entirely different experiences...

Fethiye has a very special place among blue paradise lands with the ruins of ancient Lycian towns, the bay of Ölüdeniz, world-famous for its turquoise colour that you cannot see anywhere else in the world, the amazing beaches that allow you to do all kinds of water sports, and the fresh air and green-blue view that you will abandon yourself while parasailing.

Ölüdeniz - Gemiler Island

You can abandon yourself to nature while parasailing and realize your dreams by experiencing everything that you would expect from a holiday in Ölüdeniz, a gift by God with its lush green forests extending along the shore, waters reflecting every tone of blue and the turquoise view at sunset.

You will have the privilege of taking a historical blue cruise when you see the church built inside a rock at the top of the island, the Christian tombs and 40 religious buildings on Gemiler Island, where the Byzantine ruins can be seen through the sea.

 Yassıca Island - Domuz Adası (Pig Island) – Ağa Harbour

The place where you will do water sports in shallow waters and be fascinated by the spectacular sunset view is Yassıca Island.

You may feel yourself in a blue fairy tale when you see the underwater ruins on Domuz Adası (Pig Island), named after the wild boars living on the island.

You may both swim and fish in the blue waters of Ağa Harbour with its twin bays. This is the address for happiness.

Kumlubük - Cennet Island

You can take a historical walk and have a fun day snorkelling in clear blue waters in Kumlubük with the ruins of the ancient city of Amos.

After seeing Cennet Island (Paradise Island) with its spectacular scenery, clear and quiet waters, likable cafes and restaurants, you will think how well the island deserves its name.


Welcome back to Marmaris, where you launched forth on your blue cruise adventure. Wishing to experience the discovery of completely different blue wonders together again...

3) Marmaris – Hisarönü Gulf – Bodrum / 7 Nights


Following a welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew on your boat in Marmaris, a site of a touristic value with its ancient ruins, long history, magnificent coves, long beach, sparkling sun and touristic facilities, you can launch forth on your blue cruise adventure.

Arab Island - Kadırga Bay

Arab Island, where the beauty of nature is not spoilt and which has clean waters and refreshing air, will be the first idyllic stopover of your blue voyage.

The place where you will feel refreshed and energised in clear and cold waters is Kadırga Bay.

Serçe Bay - Bozukkale

You can find the beauty of nature and peace in Serçe Bay, which has many historical ruins exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum.

Now it is your turn to rest and free yourself from stress in Bozukkale, which was formerly a touring field for British naval ships!

Dirsekbükü – Bozburun

A sheltered bay, a great sea ... Welcome to Dirsekbükü!

The warm local life, clear air and waters of Bozburun, famous for gulet-type boat building, will make you forget how it feels to be stressed.

Selimiye Bay - Orhaniye Bay - Emel Sayın Bay

The blue wonder where you can walk among the ruins of a castle dating back to the Hellenistic period and enjoy the broad scenery from the observation tower is Selimiye Bay.

Orhaniye Bay, which is famous for its Kızkumu Beach, will allow you to have a completely different experience with its blue beauties in a sea so deep that large boats can sail there.

You will be fascinated by the terrific smell of pine trees, crystal clear waters and unique scenery in Emel Sayın Bay, where the sea is as beautiful and blue as the eyes of Emel Sayın, a Turkish classical music artist.

Bencik Bay - Aktur Bay

The dreamland with unique scenery inviting you to a land of fairy tales through a narrow inlet is Bencik Bay.

Enjoy breathing and seeing the beauties of life in Aktur Bay, a gift from God and a place where the air is rich in oxygen!

 Inceburun - Palamutbükü

The view of Inceburun, where you will sit among the rocks and the wind will bring you peace, is a natural representation of freedom so to speak.

A wide beach where you can sunbathe, crystal clean waters, fresh air… this is Palamutbükü. Is there anything else you need?


With the foam-like white houses, the sun lighting up the view, the coves gifted by God, the fun-filled night-life and the ancient ruins remaining from ancient civilizations, a natural harbour city, is a world-renowned holiday resort that anyone who wants a blue cruise experience will want to visit.

4) Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris / 14 Nights


It is time to sail towards seas where you will experience completely different adventures from Marmaris, an irreplaceable holiday destination for blue cruise enthusiasts where green and blue comes together during all four seasons and with numerous bays and pristine beaches on the long coastline, a long history and many tourist facilities. Have a great blue voyage!

Serçe Bay

The ruins in Serçe Bay, a beautiful blue stopover, are exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum. Let's see what you will discover in this beautiful bay...

Palamutbükü - Knidos

Palamutbükü, where you can sunbath with pleasure on the wide beach and swim as happy as children in crystal clear waters, is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

An ancient theatre, two Byzantine churches and a sacred temple of Aphrodite are among the places that you must see in Knidos, which is a home to magnificent ancient ruins. In the clean waters of Knidos, a fishing town, you can swim as happy as a fish.


Bodrum, the first place where the Fisherman of Halicarnassus dived into the blue voyage dream, is a magnificent, world-renowned holiday destination with its history, nature, bays, air and life.

Karaada - Orak Island

The hot water from the cave in Karaada, which is a healing place with its sulphurous waters and mud baths, brings you youth and beauty.

Orak Island, covered with olive trees, is famous for its crystal clear waters and unspoilt natural beauty. There is nothing of the stressful city life here!

Kissebükü – Çökertme Bay

The places that you must visit in Kissebükü, the name of which is derived from the word “church” because of the Byzantine monasteries, are Yalıköy, Akarca, Çatal and the ruins of a cottage, bath, cistern and church. A brilliant beach scenery covered with oleander flowers will fascinate you.

Çökertme Bay will be the address for the most wonderful times that you spend with your loved ones with its wind-free sheltered cove covered with very high pine and olive trees and restaurants where you can eat delicious foods.

Tuzla Bay - Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands)

The blue stopover where you can experience adventures like spear fishing or sponge fishing is Tuzla Bay.

Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) is the place of which the Fisherman of Halicarnassus said “it is as if the islands here are hanging in the sky. Here is the centre of Gökova, of the world” - an exquisite natural beauty with its rich underwater fauna, spectacular waters and fascinating scenery where you will find a haven in peace, far away from stress.

Mersincik Bay - Inceburun

Mersincik Bay, a small bay surrounded by high forests, is a small and charming blue stopover with its crystal clear waters.

Crystal clear waters, a warm wind, a breath-taking scenery where you will enjoy the feeling of freedom... Welcome to Inceburun!

Datça - Bencik Bay

Datça is literally a small paradise with its unique houses, warm life, spectacular waters, inspiring view and fresh air.

The fascinating place where you entered the magnificent scenery through a narrow inlet and where you will feel as if you are in a universe of fairy tales is Bencik Bay.

Orhaniye Bay - Selimiye Bay

You can spend the most exciting moments of your blue cruise adventure in Orhaniye Bay, where you will enjoy the pleasure of diving and swimming in the deep waters to the full.

The blue stopover where you will spend romantic moments watching the magnificent sunset with your loved ones is Selimiye Bay.


The blue stopover where you will have a chat with sponge workers and masters of gulet-type boat building and where you will find peace of mind is Bozburun.


Discover history in Bozukkale, an ancient city with the ruins of the very well preserved castle and tower!

Kadırga Bay - Kumlubük

The pristine and peaceful place where you can experience the most enjoyable moments of swimming is Kadırga Bay.

You can also enjoy snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Kumlubük, where the Acropolis, the amphitheatre, the temple and the altar of Dionysus await you.

Cennet Island

You can enjoy the exquisite view of Cennet Island, covered with forests, across Yalancı Strait, which you can reach after a pleasant walk. A little paradise of truly fascinating beauty awaits you here!


Welcome back to Marmaris , where you launched forth on your blue cruise. Wishing to fall into new blue dreams together again...