Cobra Yacht 

Cobra Yacht, was established in 1978 in Bodrum, Turkey, has achieved fame both in Turkey and worldwide by enabling people to experience a privileged blue voyage in the Aegean and Mediterranean waters with yachts with international quality certificates, such as Lloyd, MCA, RINA & CE, built in their own Cobra Yacht Shipyard.

Yachts built of steel, aluminium and wooden materials include speed boats, motor yachts and sailing boats. Chartering and delivery of the yachts, which are built in accordance with the standards of Lloyd, RINA & CE, and MCA in terms of the design and engineering processes, are of the first order of importance on which Cobra Yacht places strict emphasis.

The Cobra Yacht Shipyard employs 8 managers and 40 employees. In the 1500 m² enclosed area of the shipyard, which has a total area of 4000 m², boats of up to 55 meters in length are built. In another area of the Cobra Shipyard, administrative and social units with a surface of 300 m² are situated. The open area of the shipyard has a capacity suitable for hosting and maintenance of 8 large boats.

The purpose of Cobra Yacht as a company specialized in manufacturing to special order is to become the most widely recognized and preferred brand manufacturer in custom manufacturing of displacement or semi-displacement yacht types. The length of boats that Cobra Yacht mainly focuses on varies from 24 meters to 55 meters. Cobra Yacht, specialized in the use of steel and aluminium as the main material, also builds wooden and composite yachts.

Cobra Yacht has been building boats for distinguished customers for many years. The world’s 60th richest person, listed in Forbes and president of a world-renowned football club, is included in the exclusive customer profile of Cobra Yacht.

Cobra Yacht is aware that it creates happiness, comfort and peace when building a yacht, and therefore all customers are considered as part of the family. Aware that the adventure of blue voyage is an endless journey to happiness and the discovery of new adventures, Cobra Yacht is happy to serve for the comfort and pleasure of its customers, who are family members.

This is why the mission adopted by Cobra Yacht is “to build new living spaces in the endless seas which make up 75% of the world”, in other words, to design the comfort and entertainment that is essential for your blue voyage dream in a stylish and comfortable way.