Yacht Construction

The address for your blue voyage in blue waters where you will enrich your inner world by exploring new places and lives and enjoy peace and fun in the vast seas is yachts.

Yachts which will carry to your blue dreams have been built in Turkey for many years. Building a yacht in Turkey with its magnificent bays and enchanting holiday resorts used to require great efforts which took many years. With the establishment of shipyards that build yachts with the advanced technology and professional vision of today, this time has shortened naturally.

Although the construction time differs depending on the competence of the yacht building companies and the size of the yachts, it is now possible to build an average-sized yacht within a period of between 10 and 22 months. Technical quality, design competence and quality of a yacht may lead to a longer duration.

Cobra Yacht builds its yachts in its own Cobra Shipyard, established in 2003, in accordance with expectations and needs of blue cruise adventurers and the Lloyd, RINA & MCA standards.

Completing the yacht construction process successfully requires many components from providing an area which allows a shipyard to build any size of yacht to an environment in which staff can work peacefully and happily. Cobra Yacht has established its own shipyard where quality yachts are built taking all these components into account.

Cobra Yacht has in its own shipyard where 8 administrative and technical employees and 50 workers are employed and which extends to a total of 4000 square meters with a closed area of 2,000 square meters, and another closed area of 1,500 square meters, allowing two different sizes of boats up to 60 meters to be built. The section in which employees work peacefully and happily in administrative and social units covers an area of 300 square meters. In addition, the open area of the shipyard has the equipment that will allow maintenance works to be carried out on eight large boats during the winter months.

Materials preferred for building gulet yachts, motor yachts and sailing yachts are usually wood, fibre-glass, plate and aluminium. All yachts that are built using different techniques depending on the boat type and material are built in accordance with the vision of Cobra Yacht without compromising on the quality. The yacht construction process for custom-built yachts begins after receiving customers' design, use and equipment specifications.

As Cobra Yacht experiencing the pride of creating high quality, long lasting, comfortable and luxurious yachts for the vast seas, we wish you peaceful, happy and pleasant blue voyage adventures.