Yacht Construction Materials

The materials used to build the yachts which will carry you to the vast seas and your blue cruise dream that will allow you to enrich your inner world and explore new places and lives vary.

Turkey is a country which has had a maritime culture and industry for many years. In Turkey, which is an important place in boat building, various materials are used in a manner to achieve more successful results with each passing day through technological advances and expert teams becoming increasingly professional.

The main yacht building materials used in gulets, motor yachts and sailing boats for blue cruises are wood, aluminium, plate and fibreglass. The unique structure of each material lends different usage, design and equipment features to the boats that are built.

When we speak about yacht building materials and the features that these materials add to the boats we build, it is best to start with wood. Rendering wood resistant to severe weather and climate conditions requires expert construction teams because wood is an organic material. The reason why wood has been used as a material in boat building for so many years is that the material both allows for easy and quick construction and offers a beautiful and natural look.

The most important feature of aluminium, another material used in boat building, is that it is a lightweight material... Lightweight aluminium is also as durable as steel and allows you to sail the seas speedily.

Plate, which is a boat-building material suitable for building large-sized vessels, is not a preferred material when building yachts where speed matters since it is a heavy material. With emerging technology, plate boats can be built in a much shorter time and with high quality, while at the same time the labour is cheap.

Fibre-glass, which is a plastic material consisting of glass fibres bonded together with resin, is among the materials which have been used the most in yacht building in recent years because it is both durable and lightweight. Fibre-glass, suitable for yacht building in short times, is also preferred in terms of being an inexpensive material.

It does not matter what the materials used in building yachts are. What matters is to deliver blue cruise adventurers all the excitement, peace and happiness that they have been dreaming about. Cobra Yacht uses each of these yacht-building materials with a fine and meticulous workmanship, with its expert boat-building team keeping all these factors in mind.