Seas, which are one of the great wonders that the nature has bestowed on us, differ by their unique features just like people. Each one of them has its own blue world, each wave has something different to tell us and each drop has a different story for why it has left itself to that sea.

The blue voyage that you will choose depends entirely on your expectations and the conditions of the route you will take to the type of boat you will choose. Now, it is time to tell you about catamarans, which - just like other types of boats - have their own unique attraction.

Catamarans, which - with the most general definition - can be termed as a type of boat with an interconnected double-hull, are a special vessel used in seafaring. When we look at the background of this type of boats, we see that the passion for the sea voyage started with simple rafts, made by placing small tree trunks between two parallel bigger tree trunks. Thus, catamarans are the precursors that carry the blue passion to the present day with their improved design.

Catamarans of Sri Lankan, Portuguese and Indian origin are most widely used in Europe and the United States. We often see sail and motor-type catamarans, and catamarans have been used in racing since the 1950s and their use has gradually increased such that they supersede other boats in transoceanic races.

The centre of gravity of a catamaran is between the two parallel hulls. This is why catamarans are more powerful in terms of balance because this centre of gravity creates a much more stable structure compared to other boat types. This is why catamarans are the most suitable vessel for those who want to sail the vast seas in peace and minimize the risk of capsising.

We rather consider catamarans as the centre of entertainment on the sea in our blue voyage adventure. Catamarans with large decks that allow people to congregate will take you to entertainment night and day like a floating disco, and to coves you want to see.

Catamarans, which are a safe and warm vessel preferred by those who seek to have peace and entertainment together during the blue voyage, are the home of the most special memories that you will have.