Datça is a peninsula that maintains its innocence and fascination with its long history, stone houses adorned with bougainvillea, natural beauties and people...

Those who choose the Datça blue cruise are those seeking peace and rest away from the bustle of the city, in the silence of nature.

The ancient city of Knidos, which you can reach by gulets, sailboat and charter boat, is one of the most important historic sites where science, art and architecture met in the olden days. You can feel the spirit of thousands of years of history and enjoy being a part of history by walking around marble stairs and temples of Knidos that will be the home of your own tale.

By wandering around the windmills of Datça, you can feel the wind which has been carrying peace with it for years and explore the source of life by visiting the windmills in this old city.

You will be able to create a world that you will reserve only for yourself and your loved ones on the authentic beach of sand and gravel of Palamutbükü that will pacify your soul as an infinite blueness among almond trees.

The place where you will fall into dreams with a glowing view at sunset and feel yourself surrounded by poetic beauty is Kızılbük... The other two of the numerous beaches of Datça, which is famous for its lovely small guesthouses, calm and clear waters, are Hayıtbükü and Ovabükü.

Bencik Bay, which is the place where Datça blue cruise gulets and boats like to anchor the most, is among the blue wonders where you can rest your soul because it is free from strong winds.

Kargı Bay, where you can lie down and read your book in a hammock and enjoy the sea far below while listening to the sweet song of crickets, is another miracle of Datça.

Domuz Çukuru (Pork Pit) Bay, which can only be reached from the sea, is nearly a picture postcard of the stress-free life of the people camping there in their tents.

You can feel that a great joy of life that accompanies you during the journey to your inner world walks along with you the moment you set out on Sevgi Yolu (the Road of Love), which is located on Hastanealtı Beach.

It is impossible not to be fascinated by the spectacular scenery of the waters flowing from Ilıca Pond, created by waters coming from the ground. It is truly Datça, "the country with exceptional properties" just as mentioned in Greek mythology.

The corner of paradise that you will choose to understand why Poet Can Yücel said "Let Datça be my place", to breathe peace and healing together with the smell of thyme, and to free yourself from stress while on a nostalgic, warm and peaceful blue cruise is this fascinating peninsula: Datça.