Yacht Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair works of the boats on which blue cruise adventurers will enrich their own worlds by exploring completely new worlds, enjoy nature, and find peace, excitement and entertainment are as important as the construction stage.

The quality of yacht building or charter companies is associated not only with their building luxury and high-quality yachts, but also their regularly carrying out maintenance and repair works of yachts that they build for or charter to their customers.

Yacht maintenance and repair works can be grouped into five main categories. The main maintenance works that can be grouped under the headings of decoration, paint / varnish, electrical, installation and mechanical are as follows:

               ·         Complete Refit

               ·         Interior Decoration Works

               ·         Design Works

               ·         Paint Applications

               ·         Anti-fouling Paint

               ·         Winter Maintenance

               ·         Composite Works

               ·         Teak and Wood Works

               ·         Chrome Works

               ·         Engine and Mechanical Works

               ·         Hydraulic, Installation

               ·         Electrical and Electronics

As with all works, it is imperative that yacht maintenance works are carried out by a team of professionals.

Every stage from repairing and strengthening engines to renewing the paint of yachts is of a particular importance. The safety of yachts that are not repaired and maintained is reduced, as is also the pleasure of sailing the seas with yachts that are out of repair.

Every material living on and in contact with the sea has a certain life span and durability. Companies that master all the process stages, have knowledge of materials and are well-experienced should be preferred in order to ensure that maintenance and repair works progress smoothly and to avoid loss of money. Regular yacht maintenance and repair works help to avoid unpleasant surprises at unexpected times. If blue cruise enthusiasts encounter any technical or any other problem with the boat during their voyage, when they are already on way to their dreams far from the stress of everyday life, such a situation will have unpleasant consequences for both the company and the customers.

A separate contract regarding the delivery date should also be made with companies for these works in which different maintenance and repair techniques are used for summer and winter seasons.

To conclude, in addition to the construction stages, yacht maintenance and repair works are also extremely important for both companies and blue tour travellers.