Electricals and Electronics

Regular electrical and electronic maintenance both expand the lifespan of a yacht and provide higher quality cruises.

The reason why yachts require frequent electrical and electronic maintenance is oxidation. Yachts need professional maintenance due to the high humidity of the sea and the corrosive effect of salt water that occurs with time in the yacht's electrical and electronic parts such as the dynamo, generator circuits and fans. The yacht needs to be grounded in the best possible manner because every friction generates static electricity.

It should also be kept in mind that grave problems might occur over time due to the loosening of cable connections in the metal sections of the yacht because of the vibration caused by extreme weather conditions; the yearly maintenance and repairs must be carried out by professionals and experts so as to avoid tragedies.

The professional technical team at the Cobra Yacht Shipyard is aware of how important this matter is and provides fully-equipped electrical and electronic maintenance services to all types of yachts and boats.