The powerful machines in yachts ensure the coordinated operation of all the parts of a yacht from mobility to its electrical and electronic system to its lighting and heating and cooling system. Regular mechanical maintenance and repair works form the foundation of the maintenance of a yacht. Malfunctions that may occur in a yacht that has not undergone its regular mechanical maintenance works before the start of the season may cause problems in the future.

The mechanical maintenance of yachts is very comprehensive and every part of it requires expertise. Mechanical maintenance and repair services include maintenance of the main engine, starters and chargers, checking the transmission filter and oil, replacing the machine and condensation anodes, changing the fuel and oil filters and the oil, changing the separator filters and providing spares, maintenance of the generators and air conditioners, maintenance of the batteries that feed the entire installation including the main engine and generator, checking the fresh water, waste water and sea water pumps. Performing all these processes and regular checkups professionally is vital.

The professional team at the Cobra Yacht Shipyard offers carefully performed mechanical maintenance and repair services for all types of yachts to ensure a long, safe and pleasant journey.