Cobra Yacht was established in Bodrum by Samim Baki in early 1978, when the blue voyage adventure was just gaining momentum in the clear waters of Turkey, and undertook the task of taking their passengers on this adventure and endless blue with joy and pride.

Cobra Yacht was one of the first companies to include facilities such as toilet, shower, refrigerator and air-conditioning in each cabin to provide comfort for blue cruise adventurers in times when the largest boat length was 13 to 14 meters.

Cobra Yacht, which built many gulet and ketch-type boats of wood and steel in the early days of the blue cruise adventure, began building yachts to embellish the dreams of blue cruise adventurers in their own shipyard established in 2003. Cobra Yacht have been carrying out design, engineering and turnkey boat building processes for boats that are constructed in compliance with the standards of Lloyd, RINA & MCA in their own shipyard since 2003 to the present day.

An administrative and technical staff consisting of 8 employees and 50 workers are employed in the Cobra Yacht shipyard. The shipyard area, which extends to a total of 4,000 m² with a closed area of 2,000 m², has a closed area of 1,500 square meters that allows two separate boats with a length of up to 60 metres to be built at the same time. The section in which administrative and social units are located covers an area of 300 m². The open area of the shipyard, which allows for maintenance of 8 large boats during winter, also incorporates all the requirements that a shipyard is supposed to have.

Cobra Yacht has adopted the building of custom boats designed in accordance with the needs and tastes of customers as a principle and continues to build boats that are appreciated by blue cruise lovers not only in Turkey, but also all over the world. Many of the boats built in the Cobra Yacht Shipyard have participated successfully in the Bodrum International Wooden Yacht Racing Cup, held since 1989 to the present day.

Yachts which are called “custom” and designed completely in line with the customers' individual requests and requirements in the Cobra Yacht shipyard are:

               ·        46m M/S Infinity

               ·        41m M/S Aegean

               ·        34m M/S Cobra King

               ·        32m M/S Cobra Queen

               ·        24m M/S Cobra Junior

               ·        38m M/Y Maisha

               ·        30m M/Y Le Lutteur

As a company which has broken ground for you to experience comfort and joy of the highest level on the endless blue over the years, Cobra Yacht continues to build boats with passion for you blue tour lovers.