Wooden Yacht Construction

Wood, which is used particularly for gulet-type boats, is a material that blue cruise adventurers find nostalgic and has been used in boat building for years.

With their perspective and working principle stable in terms of construction, fine in terms of workmanship and expert in all engineering stages, Cobra Yacht has never compromised on the quality of the wooden boats that they build in their own shipyard.

Wood maintains its unique place among the materials used for building blue cruise boats because it is a material that is organic and has a unique aesthetic structure/texture compared to other materials that have developed with technology and are now used in boat building.

Fast-growing chemical technology has led to the emergence of modern wood techniques. The materials that wooden boat builders use the most are solid wood, plywood and plate. Mahogany, chestnut and spruce trees have been used for the construction of wooden boats for many years.

Sections of a wooden boat are as follows:

          ·         Main frame

          ·         Shell

          ·         Keel

          ·         Sheerline

          ·         Floors

          ·         Beam

          ·         Deck Coating

          ·         Deck Stringer Board

          ·         Superstructure

The keel is where the construction of a boat starts. Just as with our body, a strong keel will increase the quality and longevity of a boat. Trees that wooden boat builders use for the keel portions of boats are mahogany, chestnut and beech trees.

The ballast keel is the section where the load that is mounted on the boat in order to ensure that it floats stably and does not capsize is fixed.

The frames are sections that we might consider as backbones connected to the spine.

The sheerline creating the upper part of the boat is the section where transverse and longitudinal elements are assembled. Bilge stringers are stabilizers that ensure that the resistance of frames acting as the keel is increased.

Floors which the main engines are connected to in the boat are the support elements that secure the engines to the boat.

Elements that form the roof on the deck of a boat and the ceiling inside are called beams.

In summary, wooden materials that are used for the construction of wooden boats should be resistant to different climate and weather conditions. The experienced and expert team of Cobra Yacht continues to build wooden boats with quality as the supreme principle.