GRP Yacht Construction

GRP is a plastic-based material consisting of glass fibres bonded together with resin. It has been widely used in boat building in the last 20 years because it is a durable material.

The most important reason why fibre-glass boat building has increased in recent years and we see many fibre-glass boats sailing in vast seas is the fact that fibre-glass is a material resistant to both climate and weather conditions, and it is lightweight.

The biggest advantage for boat builders who choose fibre-glass amongst other materials used in boat building is that the material is easy to form due to its elastic structure. This is why the cost of labour in fibre-glass boat building is cheaper compared to other methods of boat building.

Cobra Yacht's expert team for fibre-glass boat building offers guests a comfortable and luxurious blue cruise experience as in their other boats by working with quality and fine workmanship.

Due to the fact that serial construction of fibre-glass boats is carried out in a much shorter period of time, many high-quality fibre-glass boats, including second-hand ones, are appearing on the market, and this situation is advantageous for blue cruise adventurers.

Fibre-glass boats, which are reinforced by fibre-glass boat builders with materials such as carbon-kevlar to withstand severe weather conditions, can continue to sail blue waters for about 50 years without any problems.

Fibre-glass boats can carry away you to your blue dreams quickly because - being built using a lightweight material - they are capable of sailing the vast seas speedily. Also, reaching desired stopovers in a short time leads to less fuel consumption, so going on a blue voyage on fibre-glass boats is much more affordable compared to other boats.

Although the construction of fibre-glass boats has increased in recent years, fibre-glass boats are not without some drawbacks. If fibre-glass boats, which are less durable in severe weather and climate conditions than wooden and plate boats, are built with poor workmanship and poor quality, the result will fail.

Currently, the first fibre-glass boats to have been built are about 50 years old and continue to carry their guests on the vast seas without any problems.

In summary, the construction and use of fibre-glass boats which can be built in a short time and with more affordable budgets compared to boats made of other materials is gradually increasing. Fibre-glass boats that are constructed by Cobra Yacht with professionalism and superior quality offer a perfect combination of safety and comfort.