Steel Yacht Construction

The materials used for the construction of boats are the most important quality factor. Boats that are built of a durable material and with good workmanship and accurate planning will carry blue cruise enthusiasts safely on the vast seas, where they can enrich their inner world and discover freedom and peace of mind.

One of the materials used in boat building is steel... We can define steel as a metal which passed through thick roller pipes to turn it into sheet, particularly as a ferrous material. As in all industrial fields after the Industrial Revolution, the use of steel in the construction of boats has increased as well.

Steel boats built by Cobra Yacht are also constructed in accordance with the principles of high quality and fine workmanship that are applied in the construction of other boats.

With steel boat construction, building quite large-sized boats that sail the vast seas quickly and safely has become easier. However, in earlier times boats built of steel were cargo boats and the use of steel in recreational crafts is a more recent development.

The biggest advantages for steel boat builders to use this material are the low cost and labour. In addition, steel boats are just as resistant to severe weather and climate conditions as wooden boats.

One of the most common objects of curiosity is whether or not steel boats corrode in the sea. If steel boats are painted and sandblasted properly, this type of boats will not have any corrosion problems for many years.

The fact that the osmosis problem encountered in fibre-glass boats does not occur in steel boats is a big advantage for steel boat builders.

As we can see with all materials, steel boats have some advantages, but they also have some drawbacks. Plate, which is a heavy material, will slow down the boats as well as making them durable. Boats in which steel is used as the material will not be suitable for those who want to have a speedy blue voyage on the vast seas.

Plate boats are strongly affected by heat and cold and therefore require professional insulation.

When plate boats, considered cheaper in terms of labour and cost, are compared to fibre-glass boats, it is possible to say that fibre-glass boats are more advantageous.

With emerging technology, the use of computer programs in the construction of plate boats has led to a shortening of the construction time of plate boats. Cobra Yacht combines the latest technology, quality and elegance to create their vision in their world-class plate boats.