Everyone has a blue voyage adventure that he/she dreams about and an image that comes to mind at the mention of boats. Hence, such differences cause boat types to differ just like blue voyage routes in terms of their design, features and capacities, and allow sea enthusiasts to have a unique experience every time.

If realizing your blue voyage dream with joyful manoeuvres that create foam in vast seas is what you seek, the type of boat you need to choose must be lobster.

Lobster boats, which were first used by lobster fishermen across the east coast of America and then accepted with great interest as a cruising boat, stand at the centre of the seafaring excitement in that they allow speed lovers to make high-speed manoeuvres in extreme weather conditions. Manoeuvrability of lobster type boats that are resistant to cold and severe weather conditions leaves its place to enjoyment in still weather conditions and calm blue waters.

The use of lobster boats by crazy and excited sea enthusiasts started in America and extended towards the coasts of France and Italy on the Mediterranean. Lobster boats sailing through beautiful coves of Turkey, particularly the Strait of Istanbul, have become an irreplaceable tool for fun and enjoyment for blue cruise lovers.

Lobster boats, which are built by many companies in Turkey, also attract the interest of sea lovers on the shores of Italy, France and Greece.

Sailing boats have a special place for those who want to enjoy the sea and cannot resist the unique windy nature of seafaring. One of the most important reasons that lobster boats have become popular and attracted great interest in such a short time is that they offer guests the enjoyment of sailing boats with more comfortable and safer conditions.

Lobster-type boats, which are the choice of those who want to go on blue voyages with less fuel consumption, offer sea lovers the enjoyment and convenience of sailing the seas in peace at the same time, because they are safe.

If you want the wind to accompany you during your personal journey, if you sometimes want to go on exploring unexplored places on a quiet and peaceful voyage, and sometimes to have fun like children in the blue waters, the symbol of freedom, then we recommend that you fall into your blue cruise dream with lobster boats.