Just tell us that you want to go on a blue voyage, then we in return will say “unfurl the sails!”

Sailing boats, which have been the vessel for sailing the seas for centuries, are one of the most preferred types of boats for those who go on a blue voyage.

Sailing boats that are constructed based on the logic of sailing the vast blue seas before the wind were first built by the Egyptians in 2400 BC and the material used for the first sail was of course papyrus.

This is why sailing boats, the vehicle of this pleasure, are often also preferred for blue voyages. Travellers who fall into a blue voyage just like sailors wanting to sail before the wind and set their course themselves with the power of nature can also enjoy exploring new places and freedom with sailing boats.

Sailing boats are generally divided into two groups: excursion boats and race boats. Sailing boat types can be classified by the type of equipment as follows:

 Longboat (Sloop): A sailboat type with one mast, one main and one front sail.

 Dinghy: A boat type with a broad variety which is used as racing boats today.

 Ketch and Yawl: A boat type with two masts, the rear mast is shorter than the front mast.

Cutter: A sailboat type with one mast and two front sails.

 Schooner: A boat type with two masts, the front mast is shorter and the rear mast is longer.

Brig: A boat type with two masts and very fast.

Gulet: A boat type, smaller than brig, two masted, usually built of wood.

Sailing boats that will allow you to have completely different adventures in blue waters you have never been to before and carry you to freedom and peace before the wind are designed in different sizes and features depending on the number of persons you will go on your blue voyage with. Yet, remember that all sailing boats of various sizes have all the equipment that will meet your needs and your comfort during the blue voyage to your dreams.