If you have decided the route that you want to go on and the blue voyage that you have been dreaming about, but you are unsure about the boat type which will take you to your dreams, let us inform you about motor yachts.

Motor yachts carry you to your dreams on the vast seas using engine power instead of sails and wind power. Even though their sizes and features vary depending on their design, a typical motor yacht has spacious seating spaces and luxury cabins called “staterooms” in addition to these spaces. These staterooms resembling hotel suites offering everything that you need are indispensable for those who want to have their blue cruise adventure in luxury and comfort.

Motor yachts with protected sterns and open interior decks have quite spacious sunbathing areas. You can lie down on the deck and build up fanciful hopes while enjoying the sun, and enjoy the spectacular views of the blue cruise route you have chosen.

Even though motor yachts vary in terms of speed, depending on their models and sizes, they are the first choice for blue cruise lovers who want to explore so many places in a short time, because they are capable of covering long distances in a short span of time. Cruising speeds of the fastest motor yacht models range between 30 and 40 knots, and motor yachts, which are the high-speed vessel of the seas, take you to coves, sandy beaches and seas that wait to be explored.

While motor yachts that are designed with a length of 40 feet (12 meters) in line with demands and expectations starting from 26 feet (about 8 meters) can be chartered without a crew, those of larger sizes that are preferred by blue voyage travellers can be chartered together with a crew consisting of a captain, guide, cook, sailor and hostess who will provide your comfort and safety.

A motor yacht is a type of boat with all the details for blue voyage lovers who want to get away from the stress, responsibilities and tiredness of daily life and just enjoy the sun, sea, freedom and fun without having to think about anything.

You can be the hero of any fairy-tale you want in a floating palace which belongs only to you and your loved ones on the vast blue waters, and enjoy the luxurious and comfortable life you have always dreamed about with motor yachts.

If you like, you can try to be the hero of this gleaming fairy-tale just for one day with a daily motor yacht charter. Because it does not matter whether small or big: all dreams are beautiful as long as they are realized.