Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Cobra Yacht more exclusive than other companies?

Cobra Yacht with a recognized tourism and boating experience from 1978 to the present day offers financial security as a legal, registered and licensed company.

Cobra Yacht is proud to offer yachts and boats that are professionally overhauled every year and meet the highest quality standards. Our offers also include trained and qualified crews who understand needs of passengers and never disturb passengers in their private areas, and experienced administrative staff who always aim to meet more than customers' expectations.

As can be seen from the number of regular customers, Cobra Yacht is always happy to welcome their customers as a member of their large family.

Why charter in Turkey?

The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea offer blue voyages that are evocative of paradise. The blue voyage can be started from exciting harbours such as Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye or Marmaris.

You will travel through very clear turquoise and emerald waters under the resplendent light of the sun. You will feel both thrilled and rested when you discover hidden coves, sleepy fishing villages, imposing and obstreperous harbours. This is Turkey, one of the world's top 10 blue voyage destinations.

What services are included in the Cobra Yacht rental price?

The services included in the rental price are yacht chartering, high-quality service by an experienced team of captain and crew, fuel for cruising up to 4 hours per day, port taxes and fees in Turkish territorial waters, boating fuel (*), airport transfers (*), use of water sports equipment (*).
(*) Included in the rental price for Infinity and Cobra King.

What services are not included in the Cobra Yacht rental price?

The services not included in the rental price are VAT, tips for the crew, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fuel for water sports (*),  special marina fees, airport transfers (*).
(*) Not included in the rental price for Cobra III.

What services are included in the price if we choose a Cobra Yacht boat with full board?

A VIP menu is prepared by our professional chefs at our guests’ request and meticulously served to our guests on all Cobra Yacht boats. Make your blue voyage adventure more enjoyable with delicious Turkish cuisine!

The full board price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic beverages and afternoon tea and cakes, cookies and croissants, and refreshments.

Should we bring our own food and beverages?

We do not recommend this in terms of maintaining our standards of quality and satisfaction of our guests. But if you wish, we can do the shopping for you according to your requests and budget, and then you simply pay the amount of your shopping bill without paying an additional service charge.

Can you order alcoholic beverages for us?

Absolutely, yes. We can buy alcoholic beverages for you if you notify us of your preferences at least two weeks before starting your voyage. You can make the payment later without any service charge. Or if you wish, you can bring your alcoholic beverages yourself.

Can we set our own route?

We do not recommend that you bother yourself with this. Just tell us your wishes and expectations and we will find the best route for you with the support of our captains.

How much should I tip the crew?

10% of the charter fee is an appropriate tip, but this is entirely at your own discretion.

What should I bring with me? Is there anything special that I need to bring?

               ·        Medications that you use everyday

               ·        Swimwear, bikini

               ·        Sunglasses

               ·        Books to read when relaxing

               ·        Sports shoes for hiking

               ·        Camera, camera (for taking photos)

               ·        High factor sun protection cream

               ·        Cash

               ·        Waist bag

 * Towels, slippers and pareos are available in all Cobra Yachts.

Why do we need to leave the boat before check-in time?

Check out time is 10.00 a.m. We need time to prepare the boat for our next guests. This system is just like the system in hotels.

How can we keep up-to-date during the tour?

               ·        Daily newspapers

               ·        Television in each cabin and saloon

               ·        International satellite

               ·        Internet


What should I pay attention when on the yacht?

               ·        You are supposed to wear your shoes to prevent damage to the floor and maintain hygiene.

               ·        Please turn off the lights when you do not need.

               ·        You are required to throw toilet papers into trash rather than throwing into toilet.

               ·        We recommend you to take a shower after swimming.

               ·        We ask you to use towels while sunbathing because it is difficult to clean tanning oil.

               ·        We ask you to pay attention not to spill anything, such as tanning oil, on the floor which would damage to the               floor.

               ·        We ask you not to smoke indoors.

               ·        We recommend you not to jump into the sea before the boat stops for a safe journey.

 What about health?

All health-related materials are available in all boats. Our crew is always ready to react immediately in emergency situations.

Does using water sports equipment require any skill?

Our crew is always ready to help you in this regard when required. You will need an instructor or certificate for scuba diving. If you want to dive, you can ask our captain and he will advise you both on instructors and renting equipment.