Aluminium Yacht Construction

Aluminium, which was first used for the construction of boats in the Netherlands and New Zealand, is one of the main materials used to build the boats that will carry blue cruise adventurers in Turkey to their dreams.

Lately we have seen that aluminium is often used especially in France for boat-building. You can witness the comfort and safety that the quality and professionalism of Cobra Yacht offers in aluminium boat construction as with their other constructions.

The main feature of aluminium used for boat building is that it is a quite lightweight material. This feature enables vessels to sail the seas expeditiously. Aluminium, which is a lightweight material, is as stable as steel due to the oxide forming on the surface.

Again, as in plate boats, aluminium boats are free from the osmosis problem that is seen in fibre boats. Another advantage of this material is the fact that aluminium boat builders will never encounter corrosion problems.

This lightweight and durable material is not without some drawbacks, however. Just as with plate boats, aluminium boats which extremely are affected by heat and cold require expert insulation.

It should be known that the cost and workmanship that aluminium boats require are higher than for plate boats.

The most important point that aluminium boat builders should pay attention to is that aluminium is a material highly susceptible to galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion, which we can define as the corrosion arising from the coming together of two different metals and oxidation or chemical reactions, is a great danger for aluminium boats. Aluminium can undergo galvanic corrosion when it comes together with steel. Therefore there is even a risk of galvanic corrosion when an aluminium boat is berthed side by side with a plate boat for a longer time. Even electrical equipment that is not installed correctly may cause an aluminium boat to melt in water. Aluminium boat building is a process that really requires expertise, as aluminium must never be in contact with another metal. This explains why workmanship is so expensive in aluminium boat building.

You can realize your blue cruise dreams in safety and peace with aluminium boats built by Cobra Yacht's experienced and expert team.