Types of boats with features and equipment that are one more exclusive than the other offer different ways to sail the seas. One type of boats that will take you to completely different places, far away from your daily life, and allow you to have unique experiences is the boat called trawler.

Trawler-type boats, which were first built as fishing boats in the 1850s in Devon in England, became widespread as a cruising boat all over the world in the 1960s and have become an irreplaceable vessel especially for blue voyage lovers. Trawler-type boats, especially those designed in North America and Northern Europe, have gained a worldwide reputation by creating a different perception of seafaring.

Trawler-type boats took their name from the word “trawl”, which refers to a fishing method where a net is dragged along (“trawled”) by the boat. They have the characteristic of being a boat type that offers guests a pleasure they have never experienced before with their nostalgic appearance combining the characteristics of a typical fishing boat with modern yachting design.

A typical trawler that consumes less fuel compared to motor yachts and is as safe as a sailing boat has a cruising speed about between 7 and 12 knots. Trawlers are the choice of those who want to indulge in the wind and blue waters, not quickly, but enjoying the moment, in harmony with the principles of seafaring at every moment.

The trawler-type boat which allows you go on long blue voyages and dreams is a passion for the sea that is preferred by numerous blue cruise adventurers because this type of boat is durable, comfortable and consumes less fuel.

Trawler-type boats are privileged in the sense that they have managed to maintain their traditional design in our day and age, where everything is changed and it’s the spell is broken by disassociation from hallmarks and traditional texture in the name of progress. It should not be surprising that trawler boats are particularly preferred for blue voyages because they fulfil our need to fall into different dreams and get away from seeing the same things and being in the same places almost every day in the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life.

If sailing through the vast seas quietly and peacefully is your priority for your blue voyage, if you want to have and indulge in comfort, safety and pleasure with affordable budgets, and if you have an aesthetic perception filled with nostalgic breezes rather than luxury, sailing to coves, islands and bays with a trawler boat is just for you.