Bodrum Blue Cruise

Bodrum is a unique resort where the dream of blue cruise begins and which we see as a pristine corner of paradise to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to take a fresh breath in the works of the Fisherman of Halicarnassus and which Homer called as ''the land of eternal blue''...

This unique place that is located in the western corner of Muğla and has distinctive white houses, magnificent bays, very old history and fun-filled night-life where people who dream about the blue cruise will want to leave themselves to the endless seas is of course a dreamland that dreamers of the blue cruise would prefer in the first place.

Bodrum Blue Cruise routes which allow for changing daily tour programs according to guests' requests offer its guests a unique blue cruise experience with private bays and anchoring locations more beautiful than the other.




With its gleaming sun, crystal clear waters, warm people and unspoiled natural beauty, the Gökova Gulf is one of the most special places where your blue cruise dream will begin.

A welcome cocktail awaits you before you move to your rich blue dreams. After this warm welcoming, we will be sailing through the waves and arrive to the nearest bay overnight.

Orak Island - Çökertme

A crystal clear sea where you will dive into deep blue dreams and waters and coasts covered with olive trees on the outskirts... Yes, you are in a unique dreamland, in Orak Island.

In Çökertme, a stopover sheltered from inter-blowing winds, you can eat in touristic restaurants and relax in this charming place that has been the subject of songs and is surrounded by pine and olive trees.

Seven Islands - Küfre - English Harbour

If your blue cruise dream includes experiences such as spearfishing, collecting sponge, snorkelling, then Küfre Bay is just perfect for you. Çamaltı, Gökağaç, Karaağaç Harbour and Uzun Harbour are among other unique blue where you can anchor in the Seven Islands.

Also, you can discover new worlds in pine forests in Uzun Island, Zeytin Island and Küçük Islands where you can take long walks to explore the nature and make a historical trip in the English Harbour in which British naval ships hid during World War II.

Cleopatra Island - Karacasöğüt

Who does not want to build sand castles in Cleopatra Island which amazes blue cruise lovers with its golden blonde sand as thin as tulle and found anywhere else in the world?

Well, what if we say that you will be able to fully enjoy the natural beauty in Karacasöğüt Harbour, known as "Green Safari'', with its bays unique than each other?

 Longoz Bay - Tuzla Bay

Longoz Bay, a sheltered resting place that is protected from winds and where crystal clear waters flow like a labyrinth towards the interior of the land, seems like God's reward where you can fully enjoy the nature.

Tuzla Bay that looks like just an aquarium and where you can swim as happy as fish hosts you in your blue cruise adventure as a dreamland of completely different beauty.

 Kargılı Bay - Kissebükü

After you dive into the blue in Kargılı Bay where you will feel the joy of the sea, sand, sun in all your cells, you will realize that the blue cruise is not just a sea voyage with unique experiences that you will have in Kissebükü where you can have a historical trip by visiting Yalıköyü, Akarca, Çatal and the ruins of summer cottage, cistern and church.

 Cape Pabuç - Yalı Çiftlik                                                                     

All beauties necessary for you to fall into fascinating dreams do exist in Cape Pabuç, one of the indispensable stops for blue cruise boats with its calm, emerald-colour waters resembling a pool.

With its crystal clean sea and quiet beach, Yalı Çiftlik awaits you sprawling for your special moments that you can spend with your loved ones.

At the end of the blue cruise by which you get away from the stress of everyday life and discover the nature and your inner world, your boat will drop you in Bodrum where your dreams have begun. Wishing to re-sail together to the open sea in another blue cruise adventure.



Following a welcome cocktail during which you will meet with the captain and yacht crew and receive information about the blue cruise before embarking on the blue cruise adventure that you have dreamed about, your boat will begin gliding towards to the open sea...

Palamutbükü – Cape İnce

You can walk around the ruins of the ancient city of Knidos and have enjoyable times with fish in the bottom of the blue, crystal clear sea in Palamutbükü, famous for its small, but the most beautiful beaches of Datca.

It is also possible to meet with other blue cruise lovers where you will encounter in Cape İnce, a pleasant bay where you will feel yourself in touch with nature and where the wind blows peace in your face.

Aktur Bay - Bencik Bay

Aktur Bay, full of pine trees, is such a place that is gifted us by God as an oxygen tank so to speak. Aktur Bay is the place of healing and peace in this world with its splendid bay and fresh air.

Bencik Bay where a fascinating view will welcome you after a narrow entrance is a typical fairy-tale land. Let's see what kind of wonders you will encounter with in this tale?

Emel Sayın Bay - Orhaniye Bay - Selimiye Bay

The sea of the magnificent Emel Sayın Bay, given the name of Emel Sayın who has enshrined in our hearts as a Turkish classical music artist, is of charming blue just like the colour of the eyes of the artist.

Orhaniye Bay which is famous for its Kızkumu Beach is such a blue beauty with the sea as deep as large boats can sail where you can have the unique experience of walking on the same sea.

Selimiye Bay is the place where you can fascinatedly watch the sunset as if you are viewing a live postcard, stroll among the ruins of the castle from the Hellenistic period and enjoy the view from the viewing tower.

Dirsekbükü – Bozburun

The sheltered Dirsekbükü Bay which is a resting place for many boats is like the address of the maximum enjoyment that you can have from a sea voyage.

How about strolling among timber-smelling shops in Bozburun, a world-renowned place in building gullet-type boats.

Datça – Knidos

It is a must to dive into the blue in Datça which is one of the rarest corners of paradise that has managed to preserve its innocence and natural beauties with its natural beauties, warm people, healing weather, splendid bays and view.

You can be sure that moving into the depths of history by visiting the ruins of the Byzantine church and the sacred temple of Aphrodite in Knidos, one of the most magnificent ancient cities of Anatolia, will fascinate you.

Karaada - Meteor Bay - Poyrazlar Port

You will feel healing in all of your cells with hot waters coming from a cave in Karaada where you will experience the most enjoyable times of healing with its sulphur water and mud baths.

In addition to enjoying the sea in Meteor Bay with a magnificent beach, you will witness that a unique world awaits you in an underwater cave near to the bay.

Let's take you to Poyraz Harbour and start your diving adventure in your blue cruise during which you realize your blue dreams. You will be accompanied by groupers, Mediterranean morays, octopuses and starfish during your 20 m depth diving adventure starting from the depth of 5 m!


We have come to the end of a blue cruise adventure. Wishing to be together again in whole new blue dreams...


Bodrum – Kos

Kos Island is the first destination you will be anchoring to enter into the Island following a cocktail held in the boat to meet the captain and crew in Bodrum where your blue voyage will start.


Kos, the third largest island of the Dodecanese Islands, is a place of great beauty with its wide roads and palm trees. You should definitely visit the "Asklipios" ruins, "Knights Castle" and great Hippocrates tree in the island. Welcome Kos Island which is a unique natural beauty where you will make historical trips and enjoy your blue cruise!

Gyali Island - Nisyros Island

You can see places that you have never seen and have experiences by visiting the pumice stone mining facility in Gyali Island that its north-east side is formed from pearl stone and south-west side from a thick layer of pumice stone. The islet of Aghios Antonios is a nice blue cruise stop with its magnificent beach located very close to the region.

The most distinctive feature of Nisyros Island with a rich cultural heritage is to have volcanic craters which are still active. With its blue-louvered white houses with sea view, classical tavern-like Greek restaurants and fauna and flora said to be unique by the experts, Nisyros Island will host memories that you cannot get enough of telling.

Tilos – Symi

Where else can experience privileges of swimming in the sea which invites you to peace of Tilos Island where warm people welcome and of visiting Megalo Chorio where you can see remains of the old wall, the necropolis (cemetery), museum, monastery and castle ruins?

Even the view of little and lovely houses, painted in pastel colours, situated over the rocks of Symi Island, known as the most beautiful harbour of Greece, will allow you to feel the joy of life to the full.

Bozburun - Selimiye Bay - Orhaniye Bay

Bozburun where you will fall into your inner world in the blue dominated by silence and peace when the sun sets is a nice and small blue cruise stop...

You can spend some time in touch with nature away from traces of modern settlement in Selimiye Bay with natural spring waters flowing through its fountains and sheltered and tranquil like a lake.

Bencik Bay - Datca

You can freshen with the light breeze and leave yourself to the crystal clear sea peacefully in Bencik Bay protected from strong winds...

Datca is a totally unique wonder of the world peninsula with its view, coves and houses where you will taste the tastiest tomatoes in your life and which has managed to preserve its long history and natural beauty.

Poyraz Harbour

Poyraz Harbour is such a beauty where you can dive in the turquoise waters and have completely different experiences as a friend of starfish and octopuses.


 At the end of your 7-night blue cruise adventure, you can now leave yourself to the waters of Bodrum where your dream has started and write the memories of your experiences to the beaches of Bodrum. Wishing to re-sail to completely different seas...


Bodrum – Kos

You can start discovering Bodrum where your dreams begin following a coctail during which you will meet with the captain and crew of the boat that will take you to blue dreams.

Welcome to Bodrum , called "Karya-Halicarnassus" in ancient times, which is a world-renowned holiday resort with its Mausolus Mausoleum, Bodrum Castle, Underwater Archaeology Museum in the castle, magnificent bays and fun-filled night-life!

The warm island life, the beaches coming together with healing thermal waters and the rich cultural heritage in the island of Kos which is the greenest island of Greece that we have a common culture with will enrich your perspective on life.

Gyali Island - Nisyros Island

What about doing such a cheerful sirtaki in Gyali Island, covered with the layers of pumice stone and pearl stone, where you can feel the nature's miracle?

With its mosaic and white streets, Nisiros Island, also known as "İncirli", famous for its volcano which erupted in 1422 and is still active, will never leave your mind as a delightful neighbour visiting.

Tilos – Symi

Tilos Island where you can enjoy a romantic view which is created by illuminating roofless houses, abandoned during World War II, is a stopover that will add joy to your blue cruise adventure.

Swimming, eating at the restaurants with delicious sea-foods in “Aiga Marina”, meaning ''Holly Sea'', of Symi Island where you will encounter with amazing views at each corner, discovering common grounds of Ottoman-Greek cultures that have lived together for years will offer you a great pleasure and a unique experience.

Bozburun - Selimiye Bay - Orhaniye Bay

Welcome to Bozburun which is a small, nice and clean bay and where gullet-type boats that have become the symbol of blue cruise are constructed!

The place where you will feel yourself as a legendary character among ancient ruins remaining from the Hellenistic period and as a full of love poet against the spectacular sunset view is Selimiye Bay.

Another dreamland with its deep sea and fresh air is Orhaniye Bay, famous for its Kızkumu Beach...

Bencik Bay - Datca

Remember that you may encounter with another charming beauty at any time while touring around Bencik Bay with its crystal clear sea wriggling into the interior of Datca Peninsula and its harbour formed at the end of the bay.

Datça is a spectacular peninsula that Poet Can Yücel loved so much to say "Let Datça be my place". With its long history, magnificent bays, life away from city life and houses as well as warm people and fine weather, Datça is indeed the reflection of heaven in this world.

Palamutbükü - Knidos

It is unlikely not to become young in Palamutbükü with fresh air having Datça's most beautiful beaches, trees and gardens.

Knidos, famous for its fish, crystal clear sea, is one of the most famous ancient cities in Anatolia. You will feel yourself like a hero from a fairy-tale in this place where Aphrodite's spirit roams around.


The hot water from the cave, mud bath, healing ... Yes, this is Karaada!


We are now anchored in Bodrum where we have weighed first anchor hoping to see you in another blue cruise adventure that you can have completely different experiences. Yahoo blue dreams!


Bodrum – Kos

Following a "Welcome Cocktail" during which you will meet with captain and boat crew when you step on the boat, you can start sailing through the endless blue of Bodrum, the Aegean Sea's pearl.

Bodrum is the apple of all blue cruise dreamers with its ancient ruins, fun-filled night-life, stunning bays and magnificent views.

Kos Island having Greece's most beautiful beaches and offering a unique holiday opportunity with its historical values, pleasant island life and natural beauty is one of the places where you can both experience the sense of familiarity and explore a different culture with pleasure.


The traditional island life maintained, the authentic Vahti Village hidden in a lush valley, the beaches where you can have enjoyable times, Telendos Island where you can watch the sun's spectacular rise in Kalymnos Island which is one of the most beautiful places where sponge hunting still stands are just a few example of those that will add joy to your blue cruise adventure


You can save peaceful and warm memories in Lipsi, a Greek Island with its small white houses and blue-domed churches where there is almost no car.


In the quite and tranquil atmosphere of Arki Island with a very low population, you can get away from everything, eat delicious foods in the taverns next to the harbour and warm yourself up with the warm hospitality of the people of the island.


Known as the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos is a holy island for Christians. Patmos Island where you can watch unique Easter celebrations presenting the stage of Jesus' Last Supper and enjoy the nature in its great beaches and spectacular views hosts the interest of blue cruise lovers with its religious memory and natural beauties.

Entry to Turkish Waters from Kos - Orak Island

We continue sailing by entering into Orak Island in the Turkish waters that we are back from the neighbour Greek waters by saving pleasant memories.

Diving in Orak Island having a magnificent sea with its colour, temperature and view is whole another pleasure. It is one of the pristine corners of paradise with its slopes full of olive trees and windless, calm weather where blue cruise boats drop by the most.




With its long beaches, colourful fruit trees, delicious foods, especially the famous Çökertme kebab, Çökertme is a resting place with its magnificent beauties that dreamers taking a blue cruise cannot bypass.


How about swimming in the waters of Bodrum that you have arrived in the departure point of your blue cruise after visiting the neighbours? Hope to see you again in another blue cruise excitement...



With its delightful coves where your blue cruise starts, its sun which suspends the time in your favour, its fun-filled night-life and ruins remaining from ancient civilizations, Bodrum is amongst the indispensable blue that blue cruise passengers prefer.


The most colourful island of the Greek Islands is Symi Island. The island life in Simni Island where you feel yourself in a colouring book with its pastel-coloured houses interspersed throughout steep cliffs and its crystal clear bays where you will enjoy swimming to the full is quite impressive.


Rhodes Island which is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands is also called "Island of the Sun" and "island of the Light". You can walk like a hero from a fairy tale along the "Road of Knights" and enjoy this world-renowned holiday resort and Sirtaki in the island where gleaming lights of the sun shines.


Fethiye which is a natural harbour of the Western Mediterranean with its ancient Lycian towns, its views of the rarest examples of the natural beauty, its Ölüdeniz inholding every tone of blue as if it has dripped from the most talented painter's palette with the world famous turquoise colour is a fabulous place that tourists and every dreamer of blue cruise need to visit.

Domuz Adası (Pig Island) – Tersane Adası (Shipyard Island)

You can see the underwater ruins which will take you to completely different worlds in Domuz Adası (Pig Island), named after pigs that live in the island.

There are about hundred ancient houses that can be seen both from the land and the sea in Tersane Adası (Shipyard Island), the largest island in the Fethiye Gulf. With its spectacular scenery and crystal clear sea, Tersane Adası (Shipyard Island) is another corner of paradise...

Bedri Rahmi Bay - Yassıca Island

Bedri Rahmi Bay where Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, drew a picture of fish on the rock at the entrance of the bay during a blue voyage is a charming and peaceful blue land with its oleander flowers and little beaches.

The view that the sun creates when setting will induce you to have moments of romance in Yassica Island. Water sports activities that you can do in its shallow waters will ensure you to have an enjoyable day.

Gocek Island

Gocek Island with numerous beaches and a sheltered harbour around is the address of those who seek for peace with its quiet and calm waters.


Gocek, a natural harbour located at the tip of the Fethiye Gulf with its tropical islands, crystal clean waters in a hidden bay, warm local people is a natural beauty where blue cruise dreamers will peacefully enjoy the nature. You can watch boats, anchored in the azure waters, like viewing a picture by walking around the Marina.


Gocek that has become a world-renowned tourist destination is a dreamland which attracts the attention of blue cruise passengers more and more with each passing day with its charming and natural local life, unspoiled natural beauty, ancient ruins, and coves more beautiful than the other.



Tastes that you will sip during the cocktail that is held for you to meet with the captain and crew of the boat which will take you to your dreams and to receive information about beauties which you will be discovering before the start of your 14-day blue cruise adventure is just the beginning of the enjoyment you are about to have.

Orak Island - Çökertme Bay

Shores filled with olive trees, a crystal blue sea and the sun that warms you up ... Welcome to Orak Island!

You will first enjoy the view and then delicious foods in Çökertme Bay, one of the main relaxing places for blue cruise adventurers with its small and cosy restaurants!

Sedir Island - Cleopatra Bay - English Harbour

You can cheerfully have the privilege of enjoying the beach in Sedir Island with its turquoise waters in which green and blue meets and its unspoiled natural landscape.

The historical wonder which is among the National Parks, famous for its golden sand and where you can walk around as if you are visiting a fairy-tale universe amongst the ruins of the bath, built by Cleopatra on the coast, is Cleopatra Bay.

You can get away from the stress of everyday life and fall back on your blue dreams in English Harbour under the shade of pine trees where British soldiers fleeing from the Germans hid in World War II.


Karacasöğüt which is a natural shelter for blue cruise boats and a harbour with beautiful bays for sea lovers is such a dreamland evidencing that the beauty and peace rest in nature.

Löngöz Bay - Tuzla Bay

You cannot imagine about natural beauties where steps that you will take in Löngöz Bay and its surrounding area will take you that is a convenient resting point with its sea which is surrounded by steep slopes and one of the world's miracles and its great walkways for nature explorers because it is protected from winds.

The address of the pleasure of swimming that you will experience in turquoise waters especially with the first lights of the day is Tuzla Bay.

Seven Islands

Seven Islands that is the place for which Fisherman of Halicarnassus said "the islands here are like hanging in the sky. Here is the centre of Gökova, of the world'' consist of large and small islands full of the smell of incense amber. Legend has it that tiddlers of snakefish that die after spawning in the Bahamas at the end of their trip from here to the Bahamas that lasts up to 3 years go back to Seven Islands, a place that they have never known about and where they were born. You can also be sure to look forward to come again here.

Ada Strait - Mersincik Bay

You will experience the ultimate pleasure of swimming in Ada Strait where you can arrive only by blue cruise boats and which is also called the "Aquarium" for clarity of the water.

Mersincik Bay which is a small bay surrounded by high forests is a hidden wonder of nature with its crystal clear sea, so to speak.

Palamutbükü – Cape İnce

Would you like to swim accompanied by colourful fish in Palamutbükü that is a quiet, calm and peaceful blue where Poet Can Yücel's spirit roams around?

The wonderful place where you can feel the sense of freedom, warm winds take you away to other lands and which has a clean beach and sea is Cape İnce.

Aktur - Bencik Bay

Welcome to the oxygen tank where you will get away from the stress of everyday life and breathe a ''sigh of relief''. Here is Aktur Bay!

You will not be able to forget surprises that you will be offered by Bencik Bay opening to magnificent view after a very narrow entrance where you will explore the natural beauties.

Emel Sayın Bay - Orhaniye Bay

Emel Sayın is an artist who has enshrined in our hearts with her voice as well as her beauty. Welcome to Emel Sayın Bay where you will glide through waters in the colour of her blue eyes!

The deep sea of Orhaniye Bay where you can feel the infinity to your marrows is just perfect for those looking for the pleasure of endless diving and swimming!

Selimiye Bay

The sun always sets in the same way, but a completely different view awaits you in Selimiye Bay. All the beauty of nature is with you in this bay...

Dirsekbükü – Bozburun

The sea always awaits you lying as calm as a millpond in Dirsekbükü that is not accessible by land and a beauty that only boats can explore.

How about going on an 'expert' blue cruise trip in Bozburun where gullets which is the boat type that first comes to mind when speaking of blue cruise are built?


Datça – Knidos

With its long history dating back to BC 2000s, unspoiled natural beauty under protection, special coves, Datça is almost a little piece of heaven emitting a blue light to the world.

You can have the privilege of seeing the Statue of Aphrodite, sundial, 8000 years-old amphitheatre and many more historical ruins in the ancient city of Knidos where many temples were built by Dorians and Romans.

Karaada - Meteor Bay - Poyrazlar Port

The world will become a much ''better'' place for you after your visit to Karaada where tourists from all over the world throw themselves cheerfully to its healing sulphurous waters and mud baths.

Jumping from the boat to the sea is also that enjoyable in Meteor Bay where you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea together with your loved ones!

An underwater world as amazing as you see in documentaries awaits you in Poyraz Harbour that offers the blue where diving lovers will have unique experiences!


You are back to Bodrum where your blue cruise has begun by having completely different experiences. Your boat by which you will experience another blue cruise adventure will be waiting for you at the same harbour...